All right, we know you have to be somewhere, so here's the short version: BusinessVoice Humor On Hold won four 2024 Communicator Awards. 

Scott wrote the Binkelman and D&F Plumbing copy and co-wrote the Wellington Implement and Downey PHCE productions. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover.  

The first three earned Gold Awards of Excellence. The last won a Silver Award of Distinction. 

Okay, now go! Go, or you'll be late!

Drive carefully! And watch out for deer!


When the core of your business is a big machine that chews things up and spits 'em out, you don't have to take any guff from anyone. That's why the gang at AccuShred can afford to show a little attitude with their Humor On Hold. 

Scott wrote the copy, provided the voiceover and wiped a few pints of blood off the shredder.


Scott wrote and delivered these marketing suggestions for the MadAveGroup social media audience. They're part of a 22-video series that will probably change the world - in one way or another. Try not to look directly at the videos as they're believed to be a leading cause of gout.   


Scott wrote and provided the voiceover for these 30-second radio spots for Norwalk, Ohio-based Fisher-Titus Medical Center. The spots focus on lab, radiology and physical therapy services, despite the fact that Scott wanted to highlight the hospital's food and waiting rooms. 


Ya' know how steamed broccoli starts to smell weird when it's been sitting on the counter too long because you got distracted by a phone call from your step-mother who talked half your ear off about some mumbo jumbo goin' down at her favorite billiards parlor and then on the way back to put the broccoli away you tripped on that part of the throw rug that curls up and you smacked your face on the cold kitchen tile and went to sleep for a couple of days so the broccoli just sat there and started to smell that smell until the smell got so rank that it roused you from your floor-induced coma? 

Amy and Scott provided the voiceover for this one. Scott wrote the copy. 


Oh, comme les Français aiment Humor On Hold. 

En fait, c'est leur troisième truc préféré, derrière les bérets et les mimes de rue sales en chemises rayées. 

Nous dédions donc cette production à tous les Français du monde. 

Essaie de ne pas le fumer.

If you have a generous length of rope handy, you may want to use it to tie yourself to a well-established tree before listening to this Humor On Hold production. Once the audio kicks in, the urge to flee will be intense. But if you're firmly attached to a white oak or maybe a slippery elm, running away will be a lot more challenging. It's just a suggestion, though. Do what you want.

Scott wrote all the copy and provided the main voiceover, but regretted it almost instantly. 


Ya' ever notice how The Brady Bunch never had any plumbing or HVAC trouble? No clogged drains or basement flooding. No issues with their air conditioning. No filthy air ducts or corroded water heater. Well, you don't live in that make-believe TV world, Jack, so it's a real good thing Downey PHCE is around to pull your behind out of the fire when your toilet takes a dump or your heat pump blows up all over your Sunday best. 

Scott co-wrote the copy with Cassandra Evans. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover. The role of the two-stage gas furnace was played by the late Ann B. Davis. 


If you were to lick this Binkelman Humor On Hold production you might notice a strong metallic flavor mixed with a hint of hot rubber and the bouquet of many hydraulic lubricants.

Ultimately, the production's intangible quality renders a fantasy taste-test a moot point, so we're not sure why we even brought up the possibility of sampling the audio's flavor, but it's fun to dream, isn't it. 

Scott wrote the copy and served as the main voiceover while feeding intravenously. Amy provided the voice of the bored helicopter pilot who, we're assuming, is now dead. 


Enjoy this mishmash of select Humor On Hold messages produced by BusinessVoice in 2023, all smushed together into one big, gooey, convenient ball of hilarity.

Scott lumped the copy together by hand. Amy and Scott coughed up the voiceover after consuming a little too much dairy.