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Scott Greggory can find the funny in just about any subject. That's good to know if you need memorable messages that entertain your audience and differentiate your brand. His work as the Chief Creative Officer for MadAveGroup has been praised by clients, peers, award show judges, prisoners, farmhands, foreign dignitaries and members of the local pipefitters union for more than 30 years. 

Listen to a few chunks of Scott's goofy copywriting in the video below. (Amy and Scott provide all the voices.) Then, take a look at the humorous and straight copy samples down the page.

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Award Worthy



“Superbly written copy and extremely dry humor that was a perfect match for what could've been a dull subject. I laughed out loud at points, and when a caller starts with that reaction, it's a great way to start a conversation.”

Jim Hausfeld / Creative Director & MARCE Awards Judge - Dayton, OH



Fun and Effective

"We chose Humor On Hold, which I wasn't sure would work for the type of service we provide. I was wrong. We've had nothing but compliments after putting our customers on a brief hold. Some have even asked to be put back on hold to hear more. (Yes, it's true!) I can attest that your On Hold Messaging WILL be a topic of conversation with your customers whenever you come back on the line with them." (Enjoy this free sample.)

Nate Segall / AccuShred - Toledo, OH


Humor On Hold (Binkelman)

Let’s face it: if you’re covered in warts and hangnails, no one’s gonna’ be pickin’ you as a dance partner anytime soon. But if you work really hard to memorize the entire Binkelman product line, you’ll be amazed at just how sexy you’ve suddenly become. Yep, when you can chat confidently about bearings, conveyor belts, industrial hose and all the rest of our solutions, people will be drawn to you like a fat guy to butter. Start getting hotter now at (Hear it all.) 


Radio Spot (Ray's Trash)

Nothin' brings a construction project to a halt quicker than losin' half your crew under a heap o' shingles. So say “hurray” for Ray's Trash. Ray's can deliver 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40-yard roll-off containers to your job site. It'll be tempting to fill 'em with water and go for a swim, but instead, load 'em up with construction waste…and your discarded hopes and dreams. When they're full, Ray's will haul 'em away. Got a big pile? Get yourself to (Listen to the five-spot campaign.)

Creative Copy

“Hey, Scott - Can I get a copy of your ADDY Awards video? It was the best thing of the entire night. You’re an amazing talent. Great job on the concept and copywriting. Fabulous!”

Bill Hinsch / - Toledo, OH


Humor On Hold (D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling)

If your toilet starts smoking or glowing and pulsating at the same time or if you think you heard it speak - in any language, doesn’t have to be English - or if it looks like it might be angry or if you think it could be reading your mind or if it’s developed a gambling problem or if you have a hunch it’s addicted to pills, let us know and we’ll contact a priest. (Hear the entire production.) 


Humorous Press Release (Binkelman) 

Binkelman Named a Top 5 Distributor

Continental sells its industrial products through hundreds of distributors across North America. Each year, the company presents its "TOP 5 Award" to - you guessed it - the five distributors that have achieved the highest year-over-year sales growth. 

"This is truly an elite group of winners," said Mike Braucher, VP of NAFTA Sales for Continental. "And we're excited to announce that Binkelman is one of this year's Top 5 Award winners." 

Then, on cue, Braucher spread his arms, threw his head back and unhinged his jaw as celebratory fireworks shot from his mouth for more than a minute. The small crowd looked on half astonished, half horrified as the rockets whistled forth from Braucher's gullet, bursting just feet above his forehead into red, white and blue brilliance. 

A few of the fireworks scorched one of the ceiling tiles. 

After taking a few sips of water, Braucher said, "Binkelman sells to our mutual customers on value, not price. That fits perfectly with Continental’s value proposition. They understand what customers need and they deliver solutions to improve their customers' results. We're proud to partner with Binkelman and we congratulate them on achieving this award for the second year in a row!"

As Braucher concluded his remarks, he coughed, emitting a small puff of smoke.

Good Humor

"Good use of humor to engage the customer, while adding in fun facts about the business. (Listen here.) Callers would likely be entertained for the duration of their hold time. Good job." 

2019 MARCE Awards Judge


Humor On Hold (Lakeland Auto and Marine)

Tired of high gas prices? We hear ya’. That’s why we’re working on a way to convert old horses into diesel fuel. It’s a perfect plan: nobody likes old horses except other old horses and nobody likes them either, so who cares, right? Soon, the horse carcasses that litter our countryside will be a thing of the past. And those old horses who aren’t pullin’ their weight anymore - well, they’re as good as gas. Horse-based fuels: another swell idea from Lakeland Auto and Marine. (Play the entire production.) 

Brand Purpose Statement (5th Year)

5th Year is the logical next step for new high school graduates without a clear path forward. Our ten-month program allows young adults to explore their options, from college and careers to military and the trades. 5th Year provides unbiased guidance and eye-opening experiences that help students make smart decisions about their future.
Feelin the Funny

“These ads were funny! Loved the music and voices. They were perfectly paired with each ad concept. Great work.”

"Humor was funny and well crafted. Overall, well done.” 

“Very creative copy. Humorous with a healthy balance of product info, well-placed sound effects and music. Great job.”

The 2018 MARCE Awards Judges


Humor On Hold (AccuShred)

We don’t have a smart phone app, but if we did you can bet it would secrete a fragrant lotion. And then every time you shook hands with someone, they’d smile and say, “Hey, you’ve got the AccuShred smart phone app, don’t you?” And you’d be like, “How’d ya’ know?” And they’d be like “that righteous silky smooth hand skin, my man.” And you’d just shoot ‘em a wink and keep on walkin’ knowin’ that you got it goin’ on, my brother. (Dig it all.)

Marketing Blog Post (MadAveGroup)

Schoolhouse Rock Still Has a Lot to Teach Marrketers

“I’m just a bill."

“Three is a magic number.”

“Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?”

“Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here.”

If you remember those phrases, you’ve seen some of the most effective content ever created for a television audience.

They’re all lyrics from Schoolhouse Rock, the animated shorts that paired catchy tunes and memorable characters with valuable lessons about math, history, grammar, science and other school subjects.

The series debuted in 1973 and aired until 1984 during ABC’s Saturday morning programming. Since then, the complete series has been released on DVD (I bought it for my kids) and episodes are now available online. (Learn about nouns here and the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution here.)

The earliest Schoolhouse Rock content is fifty years old. Yet, even if you only saw it as a young child, I’d bet you still remember the lessons, as well as the infectious melodies.

That’s because Schoolhouse Rock is a perfect example of content designed to entertain first and inform second. The creators understood that pitching “homework” to kids during Saturday morning cartoons would be a tough sell, unless they made their three-minute films irresistibly fun to watch.

So, they invested their collective time, talent and heart to make something valuable that would live in the minds of their young audience long after the initial viewings.

And it worked. Beautifully.

A half century after its debut, Schoolhouse Rock is still entertaining, educating and endearing itself to a new generation.

How might the success of the iconic series inspire you to elevate your company’s marketing and advertising?

Whether it takes the form of TV or radio commercials, pre-roll videos on YouTube or over-the-top (OTT) ads in a streaming environment, your message often comes between your audience and what they want to see or hear, just as Schoolhouse Rock interrupted cartoons. The difference is that the Rock creators intentionally charmed and engaged their viewers. They focused on their audience’s needs. And they gave more than they took. 

Are your prospects and customers worth that same type of effort? Is your brand worth that same type of commitment?

Do you want people to feel that spending time with your content was a good choice? Would you like them to come back for more and then share what you create with others? It doesn’t take a huge network budget, original songwriting and a team of animators.

But it does take care, enthusiasm and respect for your audience. It takes the desire to leave people with something special, whether it’s thoughtfully presented information, a sincere smile or a warm feeling that - just maybe - lasts 50 years. (Read more posts.) 

Client Love
“Scott Greggory is a genius! We still get customers who ask to be put on hold! I wish I had more time to forward you all the great feedback we get. Great job AGAIN!”
Chris Hamann / Lakeland Auto and Marine - Port Clinton, OH
"I love to read good copy. There's so much bad copy out there in our industry. This On Hold Marketing copy is excellent. And there's such a great variety of messages. Thank you!" 
Steve Davis / Grand Home Furnishings - Roanoke, VA
"Scott - You are an amazing wordsmith for audio pieces." 
Lisa Burgess / Consulting Psychologists Press
"Thanks to Scott's excellent editing skills, we have a second draft. Always good working with a pro." (See the videos.)
George Tanber / Independent Producer - Toledo, OH

"I believe the brand purpose / perspective and USP copy are spot on. I love them." 
Jim Pollock / 5th Year - Toledo, OH
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