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Scott Greggory can find the funny in just about any subject. That's good to know if you need memorable messages that entertain your audience and differentiate your brand. His work as the Chief Creative Officer for MadAveGroup has been praised by clients, peers, award show judges, prisoners, farmhands, foreign dignitaries and members of the local pipefitters union for more than 30 years. 

Listen to a few chunks of Scott's goofy copywriting in the video below. (Amy and Scott provide all the voices.) Then, take a look at the humorous and straight copy samples down the page.

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Fun and Effective

"Humor works for this client, and this is one of the best examples of how you can engage callers needing serious products - with fun-filled zingers. Good job on the writing and the production." (Listen here.)

2019 MARCE Awards Judge



Award Worthy


“Superbly written copy and extremely dry humor that was a perfect match for what could've been a dull subject. I laughed out loud at points, and when a caller starts with that reaction, it's a great way to start a conversation.”

Jim Hausfeld / Creative Director & MARCE Awards Judge - Dayton, OH


Humor On Hold (Lakeland Auto)

Here’s a tip from Lakeland Auto and Marine’s ASE-Certified technicians: Never smoke in bed. If you do, your house might catch on fire, and then you’d have to live in your vehicle. And each time you’d bring it in for service, we’d have to sift through your laundry to find the steering wheel and, frankly, we don’t wanna’ touch your underpants.  


Radio Spot (Ray's Trash)

Who's got time for hot dogs and disco music? Your mind's cluttered with thoughts of commercial waste removal. So thank the good Lord above for Ray's Trash. Ray's will collect the intolerable rubbish at all your company's locations up to six times a week. That's 42 times in dog weeks. They shred documents and recycle, too. And Ray's has roll-off containers for big loads, like construction waste or when your giant dies Got a business? Get yourself to (Jingle Sing: Ray's Trash. (Listen to the five-spot campaign.)

Creative Copy

“Hey, Scott - Can I get a copy of your ADDY Awards video? It was the best thing of the entire night. You’re an amazing talent. Great job on the concept and copywriting. Fabulous!”

Bill Hinsch / - Toledo, OH


Humor On Hold (Binkelman)

There’s beef stew in the Binkelman cafeteria. Help yourself if you’re hungry. Oh, but chew carefully. We make our beef stew with bearings instead of beef. So, after a couple of bites you’re gonna’ have a mouthful of blood. (Hear the entire production.)


Corporate Video (Werk-Brau) 

We need to look more than three generations deep to see our roots - back to 1947. That’s when Dutch and Duke started this whole thing. It was a blacksmith shop. Findlay, Ohio. Two men workin’ with fire to bend and shape iron to their will, makin’ tools their neighbors needed to get on with life. 

Dutch and Duke were also layin’ the foundation for somethin’ bigger – a group of folks who’d one day change how work gets done.

That day is here. And that group of people is Werk-Brau. 

Tough jobs take tough tools. And smart tools make light work of tough jobs. You can change or attach a Werk-Brau coupler without leavin’ the cab. That saves time. That saves sweat. 

Our replacement attachments for backhoes, loaders and excavators make it easier to dig and trench and rake…and grade, push, lift and move earth to your will. We got a hunch Dutch and Duke would like that. 

A lot’s changed since 1947. And these days, a lot of people don’t seem to care where they make what they sell. But we’re still here in Findlay, Ohio - the heart of America. We didn’t move away ‘cause we happen to like the way Americans make things. If you do, too, maybe we can shake hands and talk about how we might get somethin’ done together.

(Watch the video.)

Good Humor

"Good use of humor to engage the customer, while adding in fun facts about the business. (Listen here.) Callers would likely be entertained for the duration of their hold time. Good job." 

2019 MARCE Awards Judge


Humor On Hold (International Translating Company)

Thanks for calling ITC. You may find it unsettling, but, in our spare time, we control the weather using special machines that we keep in the basement. Too much power for one group of people? Yeah, maybe. But unless you’d like your car pelted with hail as big as your head, keep your beef to yourself. (Take it all in.)

Brand Personality Statement (Tiffin Rigging)

The Tiffin Rigging team helps you make your magic! For more than a century, we’ve been the staging experts for hundreds of successful sporting and entertainment venues. When we design, build and install a custom rigging system in your theatre, arena or other type of facility, you’ll have everything you need to stage your event creatively and confidently.
Feelin the Funny

“These ads were funny! Loved the music and voices. They were perfectly paired with each ad concept. Great work.”

"Humor was funny and well crafted. Overall, well done.” 

“Very creative copy. Humorous with a healthy balance of product info, well-placed sound effects and music. Great job.”

The 2018 MARCE Awards Judges


Humor On Hold (Med-Line)

All of us at Med-Line place a high priority on proper oral hygiene. We know that, left unchecked, plaque can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums, turning a pristine oral cavity into a hideous, rotting hole dripping with the stench of decay and neglect; a festering crater of seeping pustules and painful sores not unlike those encrusted on the organs of the eternally damned. So, remember to brush and floss. (Listen to the entire production.)


Marketing Blog Post (MadAveGroup)

The Reason You Need Marketing Every Day

About a week ago, I took care of a small printing project for the school music boosters group I volunteer with. I sent the job to a well-known online printer.

But here’s the thing: our agency provides printing services.

I didn’t even think about the fact that our team could have done the work. It never occurred to me. 

Now, printing is a new service for us, so that could explain why it wasn’t at the top of my mind. 

But I’ve been in several meetings about our printing, and I’ve even created a few marketing pieces to promote the service. 

Yet, I wasn't reminded of our own agency’s ability to do the job until I saw a nice comment about our printing work from a client earlier today. 

And I care! I have a stake in this service! I have a reason to remember it! 

But I didn't.

Now, your potential customers - who don't have a stake in your success: think of how much they don’t know - or don't remember - about your capabilities.

(Read more posts.)

Client Love
“Scott Greggory is a genius! We still get customers who ask to be put on hold! I wish I had more time to forward you all the great feedback we get. Great job AGAIN!”
Chris Hamann / Lakeland Auto and Marine - Port Clinton, OH
"I love to read good copy. There's so much bad copy out there in our industry. This On Hold Marketing copy is excellent. And there's such a great variety of messages. Thank you!" 
Steve Davis / Grand Home Furnishings - Roanoke, VA
"Thanks to Scott's excellent editing skills, we have a second draft. Always good working with a pro." (See the videos.)
George Tanber / Independent Producer - Toledo, OH

"I believe the brand purpose / perspective and USP copy are spot on. I love them." 
Jim Pollock / 5th Year - Toledo, OH
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