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With her background as a professional singer, actress and musical theater director, Amy brings solid interpretive skills, plus a range of characters and emotion to her voiceover work. She can be sweet and silly, slow and seductive, or strong and serious, shifting into English, southern and New York dialects and even more attitudes on demand. She's also known for her friendly, easy-going style between takes and her stinging online critiques of the Amish. 


Scott Greggory

Scott is the Chief Creative Officer for MadAveGroup, a member of the Forbes Agency Council and a big fan of carbohydrates. During his 35+ years as a copywriter and voice talent, Scott has earned more than 150 local, regional and national awards for his work, including three Best of Show honors and the 2021 Silver Medal Award presented by AAF Toledo. He's applied his voiceover skills to radio, TV, video, on hold marketing and live events, and brings a unique sense of humor to his work. 

That's Scott in the TV commercial below. He wrote and served as spokes-patriot in the award-winning 10-spot campaign for Revere. They're a provider of cloud-based communication solutions, so naturally the commercials were shot in a log cabin. 

Read The Blade article, "MadAveGroup's Scott Greggory Brings Copy to Life."


Stupid Thoughts


"One thing I really love about Scott is he can take the most mundane thing and put this really stupid twist on it and make it hilarious to hear or read." 

Stan Massey / Transcend Strategy Group - Toledo, OH















Rave Reviews




“I think the commercials are brilliant.”

Nick Heath / Revere - Toledo, OH


"Scott, this copy is outstanding - again! I’m laughing as I read it."

Chris Hamann / Lakeland Auto & Marine - Port Clinton, OH


"This piece rocks! The writing is key for any audio, print or visual advertising, especially for audio since it doesn't get an assist from pictures. The writing - and the delivery of the voice talent - made this piece stand out. In fact, both submissions from this entrant were creative, entertaining and, most importantly, informative. The entry elicited giggles and guffaws from all judges. I wanted to call the number and be put on hold, the stuff was so good. The key for me when it comes to audio is to entertain, then inform. Well done!" 

2011 ADDY Awards Judge


"I do not write a lot of recommendations, but I simply had to write one for Scott. He is one of the most talented and focused creative people I have ever come in contact with. I have had great experiences with him and with the work he does. You will not be disappointed if you work with him."

Bruce Bryan / Founder, 5Points Creative - Roanoke, VA


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