Listening to the radio is fun, but only when the commercials are on!

No one likes music and DJs are loaded with STDs, but commercial stop sets? Yeah, that's where it's at, baby! Free records? No thanks! Contests? Who needs 'em? Commercials, like these two for D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, are why radio is so much cooler than billboards, and you know it's true, daddy-o.

Dig Scott's copy and voiceover.  


The problem with this whole life thing, of course, is that it can end at any time. No notice. No warning. One minute you're on the couch eating a donut and the next minute a crate of bowling balls slides out of the cargo hold of a passing jetliner, kablooeys through your roof and hits you square in the hat, leaving you no time to regret not listening to this BusinessVoice Humor On Hold production for Lakeland Auto and Marine. 

So, put down the maple log and listen to this audio now before it's too late. You'll thank us later. 

Scott wrote the copy, provided the voiceover and - while we can't say for certain - he may have unlocked the plane's cargo door earlier in this story, just to help you get your priorities straight. 

Chris Hamann, President of Lakeland, emailed these comments: "I love it! Where do you come up with this stuff? It's fantastic!" But he used the sarcasm font, so we're not sure what to think. 

If your pipes have burst or your toilet's clogged or there's sewer gas backin' up into your home, you probably should deal with your plumbing fiasco first and then listen to this BusinessVoice Humor On Hold production for Downey Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric. 

But it's your call. 

Scott co-wrote the copy with Cassandra Evans while up to their knees in basement flood water. He and Amy provided the voiceover while juggling monkey wrenches. 


We're not suggesting that you can't live without these radio spots - that, like, you will literally stop living if you don't listen to them.

But what if that were true? 

Seems a shame to throw away whatever life you have left just because you didn't want to take one minute to check out these BusinessVoice radio spots that Scott wrote and voiced. 

But we understand. You've got more important things to do, right?

Have a great day.

Oh, and good luck to ya'. 


This MadAveGroup video was produced to attract new support staff employees to Perrysburg, Ohio schools. Scott co-wrote the script and delivered the voiceover. Videographer Rob Heath provided the concept and visuals. TV's Delta Burke played "the bus."


Scott gargled with a fistful of Texas road dust before delivering the voiceover for this piece. It's an On Hold Marketing demo created by BusinessVoice for the iconic American brand Harley Davidson. Eat it up. 


Imagine if you were stranded on hold, forced to listen to this mopey, low-energy audio. Hard to fathom, isn't it? 

Scott dictated the copy to a passing tumbleweed while dangling from a rocky cliff. The voiceover oozed out of Amy and Scott like a thick, gelatinous gum.


If you're here, there's a good chance you took a wrong turn somewhere. Or choosing to be on this site might represent the latest in a long line of bad decisions you've made. 

Either way, you might as well listen to these radio spots for BusinessVoice client D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in Portland. After all, it's not like you've got anything else goin' on, right? 

Scott wrote the copy, provided all the voiceover and plunged the studio toilets after the session. 



Produced through BusinessVoice, this Humor On Hold production may leave a mark, explode without warning or cause external bleeding if dropped on one or more feet. Avoid listening to this audio directly if you're heavy-handed, thin-skinned, horse-faced, a frequent vomiter, prone to dizziness, full of oatmeal or pregnant with anyone who is. If your doctor grants permission, you may listen to it through a wall. Scott wrote the copy while tripping on liver pills. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover, simultaneously supressing the gag reflex. 

UPDATE: Our contact Desiree Grosman sent this feedback written by one of D&F's customer service reps: "I was speaking with a customer today who I had put on hold for a few minutes. When I came back to the phone, she was over-the-moon laughing at the On Hold Marketing because it made her whole day. She said she thought it was amazing and made her laugh so much."


Look, man, these radio spots Scott wrote and recorded for D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling through BusinessVoice have just as much right to be here as you do. They're not hurting anyone. They might have different ideas than you, but that's okay, man. You can listen to them all you want. They're more than happy to play for you. But don't try to tell them what or who they should be, man, because they are NOT into that. They just wanna be free, man. Free. That's all. Can you dig it?