Produced through BusinessVoice, this Humor On Hold production may leave a mark, explode without warning or cause external bleeding if dropped on one or more feet. Avoid listening to this audio directly if you're heavy-handed, thin-skinned, horse-faced, a frequent vomiter, prone to dizziness, full of oatmeal or pregnant with anyone who is. If your doctor grants permission, you may listen to it through a wall. Scott wrote the copy while tripping on liver pills. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover, simultaneously supressing the gag reflex. 

UPDATE: Our contact Desiree Grosman sent this feedback written by one of D&F's customer service reps: "I was speaking with a customer today who I had put on hold for a few minutes. When I came back to the phone, she was over-the-moon laughing at the On Hold Marketing because it made her whole day. She said she thought it was amazing and made her laugh so much."


Look, man, these radio spots Scott wrote and recorded for D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling through BusinessVoice have just as much right to be here as you do. They're not hurting anyone. They might have different ideas than you, but that's okay, man. You can listen to them all you want. They're more than happy to play for you. But don't try to tell them what or who they should be, man, because they are NOT into that. They just wanna be free, man. Free. That's all. Can you dig it? 


Scott couldn't get his dad to bite on Caller Experience Marketing, but this video of him trying to sell him on the idea earned a 2023 Silver Telly Award. 

Produced for BusinessVoice, the video won in the category "Social Video - Craft - Use of Comedy." Scott conceived, wrote and served as on-camera talent. Jacob Stutz shot and edited the piece. 

Major international brands compete for Telly Awards glory, including CBS, ESPN, HBO, Hearst, Microsoft, MLB, NBC and Viacom. Scott is neither a major brand nor international in scope, although he did once straddle the U.S./Canadian border just as a goof. 


Telly Graphic

There's talk on the street that the Earth might be swallowed up by the sun in about five billion years. So, you should probably listen to this BusinessVoice Humor On Hold production while you still have time. Scott wrote the copy and provided the voiceover with the threat of a violent solar engulfing in the forefront of his mind. That's why the whole thing sounds rushed. 


Producer George Tanber hired Scott to collaborate on a TV / on-site video campaign for Tuffy Tire and Auto Service. Scott wrote the copy, provided the voiceover, advised on the visual direction and mopped up all the blood and grease after several cars exploded on the set. 

George wrote, "Thanks for your brilliant work on this project. Everyone involved is very pleased. I think these will be effective spots."





In March of 2023, Scott spoke to the students and faculty of Owens Community College near Toledo, Ohio. His profanity-laden keynote "rant" brought the school's biennial Networking Fair to a screeching halt and required the intervention of four local fire departments. This video has been banned in Canada, so watch it here while you still can. 


When you ponder life's ultimate reward, what comes to mind? 

That's right - it's the 2023 Communicator Award! And BusinessVoice earned THREE Communicators for Humor On Hold this year. Yeah, you bet - that's pretty terrific.

Scott wrote the copy for the Gold-Award-winning Lakeland Auto and Binkelman productions. He co-wrote the Silver-Award-winning Downey Plumbing production with Cassandra Evans. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover, while a gentle breeze kept everyone cool as they were working. 


Amy appears as the woman who's celebrating a birthday in this video for Libbey. Produced by Madhouse, the video includes many other people, too, but none of them are shown celebrating their birthdays. It's easy to tell Amy's character is celebrating her birthday because you can see her as plain as day blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, which is something people who are celebrating a birthday often do. While it could be argued that it was not Amy's character's birthday and that she was just trying to ruin someone else's birthday by blowing out the candles on that person's birthday cake, that scenario is unlikely. To be sure, though, we put a call into the writer to see what his or her original intention was. Who knows? This whole thing could be a lot darker than it seems. We'll keep you posted. 

Ya' know that dull ache that settles into your skull whenever you eat two or three sticks of butter in rapid succession? That's the kind of sensation you can expect if you listen to this entire Humor On Hold production. 

Scott used a glitter pen to co-write the copy with BusinessVoice Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans. Amy and Scott delivered the voiceover with a level of commitment you only hear from Minor League ballplayers who have no other marketable job skills. 


These are the first two radio spots in an ongoing campaign for D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in Portland, Oregon. Produced through BusinessVoice, the spots weigh in at seven pounds each and feature a light crust along the top and sides. 

Scott wrote the copy, provided all the voiceover and kept both commercials at a precise 375 degrees throughout production. He then hardened the spots for airplay by plunging them into an ice water bath.