You may want to consider moving to Portland, Oregon. That's the home of D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling - a company that's now using Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice

If you were to move to The City of Roses, you could place a local call to D&F any time and enjoy the deep-down satisfaction that only comes from steeping your ear holes in this type of audio nonsense. 

Once D&F’s first Humor On Hold production was playing for a few days, Desiree - the Marketing Director - sent this note:

I got this awesome feedback from one of our call-takers. “Hey, Desiree. I wanted to let you know, I’ve had two different customers let me know how much they enjoyed the new On Hold Marketing. I actually clicked back into a call and heard one woman giggling. I thought she was talking to someone else, but she was laughing saying how cute and funny the on hold audio was and how I should hear it if I haven’t.”

Scott wrote the copy with his non-dominant hand. He and Amy provided the voiceover using their strong midwestern accents. 


Wouldn't it be funny if all the answers to mankind's questions about life and the universe were contained within this Humor On Hold production for Downey Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electrical? 

I mean, they're probably not, right? But who knows - they could be. 

So, look, why risk it? Just listen to the whole thing and it might pay off big time! Seriously, what's the worst that could happen - you end up emotionally scarred for a few weeks? That's a small price to pay for a key to the door of eternal knowledge or the portal to existential exploration or whatever it's called. 

Amy and Scott provided the voiceover while using a ouija board. Scott co-wrote the copy with Cassandra Evans, who is rumored to have several otherworldly connections. 

Who can resist popsicles? They're a fun and refreshing treat that indelibly stains the tongue. And when you're done eating one, you're left with a souvenir stick! What could be better? 

While you're thinking of your next popsicle, enjoy this Humor On Hold production for BusinessVoice client Binkelman. Scott wrote it and then recorded the voiceover with a popsicle in each of his three hands. That's why he sounds so cognitively challenged.  


There's a great joke about a pig calling an industrial supply company to order a whole bunch of sealed spherical bearings. After the pig is placed on hold, he waits patiently for a few minutes, humming along to the music. But then, the pig gets spooked and drops his cell phone in the watering trough and the call is terminated. 

That's all of the joke we can remember, but you'll have to trust us - it was funny. 

Could it really be true that more and more people are eating less throughout the year so they can save more money in order to afford a vacation in San Diego and then choose to stay at Town and Country Resort, all because of the hotel's Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice

It's hard to say for sure. In fact, there's no evidence that would support that notion. And hotel representatives laughed openly at the mere suggestion of a direct correlation.

But, yes, that's exactly what's happening. 


This Humor On Hold production for Downey Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electrical is causing all sorts of trouble for the Downey team. It's clogging sewer lines, tripping fuses and forcing interior temperatures to fluctuate wildly all over the tri-state area. And no one seems to know why.

Probably something to do with the atmospheric disturbances generated by Amy and Scott's voiceover. 

Scott co-wrote the copy with BusinessVoice Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans, who frequently radiates static electricity.


If you wagered that the Lakeland Auto and Marine Humor On Hold production called "What's This Sound" and the Binkelman production titled "Correction" would win a 2022 Platinum and Gold MarCom Award respectively, then you, friend, likely have the gift of clairvoyance and should probably run to your nearest state lottery retailer to put down a whole lot of money on the lucky numbers running through that magical head of yours. 

Scott wrote the copy for those dopey things and provided all the main voiceover. Amy chimed in a few times on the Lakeland piece. No animals were harmed during production, but three or four stunt guys were cut in half. They were older, though, so it's okay. 

The Downey PHCE Humor On Hold below also won a Gold MarCom Award and the Wellington Implement production earned an Honorable Mention. Scott co-wrote Downey with Cassandra Evans and Wellington with Daniel DiManna. The agency: BusinessVoice.


This is what Lakeland Auto and Marine president Chris Hamann wrote to Scott Greggory after reading the copy for the Humor On Hold production below: "Love it! We still get customers who ask to be put on hold! Great job AGAIN!" 

So, clearly, one of these two things is true about Chris. Either 1) he's a generous guy who hands out compliments easily or 2) years ago he suffered some sort of massive head injury that left him incapable of rendering accurate evaluations of marketing content. 

Listen to the audio and then decide for yourself. 


You may think this On Hold Marketing production is totally dumb. And that would be a perfectly valid opinion - 'cause it IS dumb. Dumber than a rock in a sack. 

And don't feel any need to try to justify your thought. We support it completely. This thing is dumb. No two ways about it. 

Just plain dumb. 


Everyone knows that On Hold Marketing is saving lives as an effective blood thinner. Its contributions to America's space program have been front-page news for decades. And since it's both strong and sensitive, On Hold Marketing gives the best shoulder rubs - the kind that make your eyes roll back in your head.

But we don't create OHM content to make the world a better place. 

We do it for the awards. 

That's why we're happy to announce that this BusinessVoice production for Wellington Implement was a double winner at the 2022 MARCE Awards ceremony, earning the "Most Entertaining" trophy and a Judge's Choice honor.

One judge wrote, "[This] made me want to listen to the next message all the way through." Another judge noted that "This is very entertaining. The situations really enhance the brand." We think the third judge may have been on a smoke break when it was time for giving feedback. 

Scott co-wrote the piece with Danield DiManna, provided the voiceover, directed post-production and wrung out all the excess water into a large metal tub. 

The Experience Marketing Association presents the MARCE Awards each year to honor the year's best On Hold Marketing.