When you ponder life's ultimate reward, what comes to mind? 

That's right - it's the 2023 Communicator Award! And BusinessVoice earned THREE Communicators for Humor On Hold this year. Yeah, you bet - that's pretty terrific.

Scott wrote the copy for the Gold-Award-winning Lakeland Auto and Binkelman productions. He co-wrote the Silver-Award-winning Downey Plumbing production with Cassandra Evans. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover, while a gentle breeze kept everyone cool as they were working. 


Amy appears as the woman who's celebrating a birthday in this video for Libbey. Produced by Madhouse, the video includes many other people, too, but none of them are shown celebrating their birthdays. It's easy to tell Amy's character is celebrating her birthday because you can see her as plain as day blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, which is something people who are celebrating a birthday often do. While it could be argued that it was not Amy's character's birthday and that she was just trying to ruin someone else's birthday by blowing out the candles on that person's birthday cake, that scenario is unlikely. To be sure, though, we put a call into the writer to see what his or her original intention was. Who knows? This whole thing could be a lot darker than it seems. We'll keep you posted. 

Ya' know that dull ache that settles into your skull whenever you eat two or three sticks of butter in rapid succession? That's the kind of sensation you can expect if you listen to this entire Humor On Hold production. 

Scott used a glitter pen to co-write the copy with BusinessVoice Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans. Amy and Scott delivered the voiceover with a level of commitment you only hear from Minor League ballplayers who have no other marketable job skills. 


These are the first two radio spots in an ongoing campaign for D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in Portland, Oregon. Produced through BusinessVoice, the spots weigh in at seven pounds each and feature a light crust along the top and sides. 

Scott wrote the copy, provided all the voiceover and kept both commercials at a precise 375 degrees throughout production. He then hardened the spots for airplay by plunging them into an ice water bath.


If you're afraid of skunks, don't listen to this Humor On Hold production that Scott wrote for BusinessVoice client Lakeland Auto and Marine. 

It's not that skunks play a role in the content, but any time you spend above ground listening to online audio is time you won't be in that hole you dug in your backyard with the blue tarp pulled over the top, protected from random skunks. 

But you can do what you want. See if we care.   


There's nothin' like listening to a ball game on the radio! And by tuning in on the ol' transistor, you're a lot less likely to stop a screaming foul ball with your forehead. 

In this 2004 Humor On Hold production, we pay tribute to a small-town radio broadcast of a Minor League Baseball game between the Glass City Shards and the Johnstown Donkeys.

Scott wrote the copy, provided the main voiceovers and engineered the entire piece, all without the benefit of a rosin bag. Amy provided the voice of Marge, despite the fact that she had a raging case of jock itch. 


You may want to consider moving to Portland, Oregon. That's the home of D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling - a company that's now using Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice

When you relocate to The City of Roses, you can place local calls to D&F any time and enjoy the deep-down satisfaction that only comes from steeping your ear holes in this type of audio nonsense. 

Once D&F’s first Humor On Hold production was playing for a few days, Desiree - the Marketing Director - sent this note:

I got this awesome feedback from one of our call-takers. “Hey, Desiree. I wanted to let you know, I’ve had two different customers let me know how much they enjoyed the new On Hold Marketing. I actually clicked back into a call and heard one woman giggling. I thought she was talking to someone else, but she was laughing saying how cute and funny the on hold audio was and how I should hear it if I haven’t.”

Scott wrote the copy with his non-dominant hand. He and Amy provided the voiceover using their strong midwestern accents. 


Wouldn't it be funny if all the answers to mankind's questions about life and the universe were contained within this Humor On Hold production for Downey Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electrical? 

I mean, they're probably not, right? But who knows - they could be. 

So, look, why risk it? Just listen to the whole thing and it might pay off big time! Seriously, what's the worst that could happen - you end up emotionally scarred for a few weeks? That's a small price to pay for a key to the door of eternal knowledge or the portal to existential exploration or whatever it's called. 

Amy and Scott provided the voiceover while using a ouija board. Scott co-wrote the copy with Cassandra Evans, who is rumored to have several otherworldly connections. 

Who can resist popsicles? They're a fun and refreshing treat that indelibly stains the tongue. And when you're done eating one, you're left with a souvenir stick! What could be better? 

While you're thinking of your next popsicle, enjoy this Humor On Hold production for BusinessVoice client Binkelman. Scott wrote it and then recorded the voiceover with a popsicle in each of his three hands. That's why he sounds so cognitively challenged.  


There's a great joke about a pig calling an industrial supply company to order a whole bunch of sealed spherical bearings. After the pig is placed on hold, he waits patiently for a few minutes, humming along to the music. But then, the pig gets spooked and drops his cell phone in the watering trough and the call is terminated. 

That's all of the joke we can remember, but you'll have to trust us - it was funny.