If you have a generous length of rope handy, you may want to use it to tie yourself to a well-established tree before listening to this Humor On Hold production. Once the audio kicks in, the urge to flee will be intense. But if you're firmly attached to a white oak or maybe a slippery elm, running away will be a lot more challenging. It's just a suggestion, though. Do what you want.

Scott wrote all the copy and provided the main voiceover, but regretted it almost instantly. 


Ya' ever notice how The Brady Bunch never had any plumbing or HVAC trouble? No clogged drains or basement flooding. No issues with their air conditioning. No filthy air ducts or corroded water heater. Well, you don't live in that make-believe TV world, Jack, so it's a real good thing Downey PHCE is around to pull your behind out of the fire when your toilet takes a dump or your heat pump blows up all over your Sunday best. 

Scott co-wrote the copy with Cassandra Evans. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover. The role of the two-stage gas furnace was played by the late Ann B. Davis. 


If you were to lick this Binkelman Humor On Hold production you might notice a strong metallic flavor mixed with a hint of hot rubber and the bouquet of many hydraulic lubricants.

Ultimately, the production's intangible quality renders a fantasy taste-test a moot point, so we're not sure why we even brought up the possibility of sampling the audio's flavor, but it's fun to dream, isn't it. 

Scott wrote the copy and served as the main voiceover while feeding intravenously. Amy provided the voice of the bored helicopter pilot who, we're assuming, is now dead. 


Enjoy this mishmash of select Humor On Hold messages produced by BusinessVoice in 2023, all smushed together into one big, gooey, convenient ball of hilarity.

Scott lumped the copy together by hand. Amy and Scott coughed up the voiceover after consuming a little too much dairy. 

If you ever find yourself overmatched in a bar fight, just throw this Humor On Hold production at the guy or gal who's gettin' the better of ya'. Aim for the head.

Scott wrote the copy with a pair of tightly clenched fists. He and Amy delivered the voiceover with the ferocity of two clashing wallpaper patterns screaming for attention on adjacent walls of the same rumpus room. 


Both of these commercials are loaded with an extra-secret audible ingredient that's sure to make you glad you listened. 

Scott wrote the copy, provided all the voiceover and then filled each spot with about seven ounces of liquid uranium...UHH, we mean the "extra-secret audible ingredient." 


After suffering through decades of horrible holiday commercials that feature Christmas wishes spoken in unison by the wooden staffs of local chiropractors and accounting firms, Scott decided to openly mock the spots in this series of social media videos for MadAveGroup. Scott wrote the copy and directed the videos, intentionally pulling the very least out of the actors. 


While growing up in Northeast Ohio, Scott fell in love with radio. One of his heroes was Phil Gardner, a two-time winner of Billboard's Air Personality of the Year Award. Phil worked for Cleveland's 1220 WGAR and G-98 WGCL. (Listen to one of his airchecks here.) His unique style wedged itself into Scott at the cellular level and has remained an influential irritant ever since. 

In 2020, Phil and Scott became Facebook friends. Scott created the video below in honor of Phil's 2023 birthday. 


Saturday, January 27th is Comedy Night at Tecumseh Center for the Arts, but you'd already know that if you had listened to this radio commercial promoting the event.

Scott wrote and produced the spot specifically for 107one, Ann Arbor's adult album alternative station. He wanted to be sure the spot wasn't funny, so the comedians would seem a lot funnier by comparison. He succeeded wildly.  


Let's spend a few minutes talking about the shredding and recycling of sensitive documents, as old friends so often do. That's AccuShred's specialty. 

Scott wrote the copy and provided the voiceover for this Humor On Hold production, knowing that eventually it, too, will be shredded and recycled. New BusinessVoice client Nate Segall wrote, "Thank you! Well done! You hit a good tone for the first stab at it. It's plugged in and entertaining our customers now!"

A few weeks later, Nate wrote, "Just had another nice compliment on the first production. [The caller said] 'Could have stayed on the phone all afternoon listening to the message!'"