A few years ago, Scott appeared as the CEO in a six-spot TV campaign for Buckeye Telesystem's Epiphany product. No animals were harmed during the shoot. Scott, however, was gored by a disgruntled makeup artist. 

Salt Lake City-based ITC enjoys Scott's humorous take on their business. He writes the copy and provides the voiceover for their On Hold Marketing, including the production below. 

In 2017, Ray's Trash bought air time during the Indianapolis Indians' Triple A baseball radio broadcasts. They asked us to create one commercial. Given the frequency and the summer-long schedule, we suggested that they rotate five. So, we created a fun campaign, highlighting each of their five main services. Listen to three of the spots below.

Scott gets gritty in this radio recruitment effort on behalf of Owens Corning. He cut the voiceover with Mark Reiter at Level 2 Audio. The agency: Madhouse.


Amy sang all three parts of the jingle. Scott provided the copy and voiceover. You just need to hit play and listen to this swell On Hold Marketing production. (We saved the easiest part for you.)

Scott wrote, shot, edited and provided the voiceover for this online commercial.