Bio HeaderAmy Scott

With her background as a professional singer, actress and musical theater director, Amy brings solid interpretive skills, plus a range of characters and emotion to her voiceover work. She can be sweet and silly, slow and seductive, or strong and serious, shifting into English, southern and New York dialects and even more attitudes on demand. She's also known for her friendly, easy-going style between takes and her rage-filled online critiques of the Amish. 


Scott Greggory

During his 30+ years as a copywriter and voice talent, Scott has earned nearly 120 local, regional and national awards for his work, including three Best of Show honors. He's applied his voiceover skills to radio, TV, video, on hold marketing and live events, bringing his warm baritone and unique sense of humor to his sessions. Scott is also the Chief Creative Officer for MadAveGroup and a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

That's Scott in the TV commercial below. He wrote and starred in an award-winning 10-spot campaign for Revere. They're a provider of cloud-based communication solutions, so naturally the commercials were shot in a log cabin. 















Rave Reviews




“I think the commercials are brilliant.”

Nick Heath / Revere


"Scott, this [copy] is outstanding - again! I’m laughing as I read it."

Chris Hamann / Lakeland Auto & Marine