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Scott Greggory can find the funny in just about any subject. That's good to know if you need memorable messages that entertain your audience and differentiate your brand. His work has been praised by clients, peers, award show judges, prisoners and members of the local pipefitters union for more than 30 years. 

Listen to a few chunks of Scott's goofy copywriting in the video below. (Amy and Scott provide all the voices.) Then, take a look at the humorous and straight copy samples down the page.

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Fun and Effective

"Humor works for [this client], and this is one of the best examples of how you can engage callers needing serious products - with fun-filled zingers. Good job on the writing and the production." (Listen here.)

2019 MARCE Awards Judge



Award Worthy


“Superbly written copy and extremely dry humor that was a perfect match for what could've been a dull subject. I laughed out loud at points, and when a caller starts with that reaction, it's a great way to start a conversation.”

Jim Hausfeld / Agency Creative Director & MARCE Awards Judge


Humor On Hold (Binkelman)

Come one, come all to Binkelman’s Carnival of Sauce! It’s three big days of sauce samples, sauce-covered souvenirs, and sauce-based games of chance. Kids can shake the paw of Richard, the sauce-loving bear. And you can win a prize when you jump the terrifying Puddle of Sauce. Why sauce? Because who doesn’t love sauce, that’s why! If you can pour it, spoon it, ladle it, drip it or squirt it on food, it’s sauce, and we’re gonna’ celebrate it at Binkelman’s Carnival of Sauce. Just head over to the Binkelman parking lot next weekend. And be sure to bring your tongue.

Television Spot (Kingston Healthcare)

Wife: After my husband’s stroke, the hospital told us about their rehabilitation center. But then we found out we had a choice. We chose Kingston Rehabilitation of Perrysburg. For the same cost, Bob got so much more. The care was wonderful. And he was able to come home quicker than we thought. Now he’s just as active as ever.

Announcer: One-on-one therapy, 24-hour care, a warm salt water pool - all in a beautiful new building. Kingston Rehabilitation of Perrysburg. The choice is yours.

On Hold Marketing (Torrence Sound)

Sunday mornings have evolved. Even in the oldest churches, congregations have an expectation of a modern audio / video experience. At Torrence Sound, we understand how to incorporate today's technology in a way that's respectful of tradition, architecture, even multiple age groups. 

Funny Feedback

"I just wanted to tell you that I stumbled onto your Humor On Hold, and I listened to every recording. Your work is hilarious and it brightened my day. And who doesn't want a compliment from a random stranger on the Internet? So, thanks."

Alissa H.


Humor On Hold (Amazing Space)

At Amazing Space, we use a patented process called Space Amazination to amazinate your space. We combine amazing space-age technology with a keen sense of space and our own personal amazingness to produce a space in your home with an amazingosity that’s off the charts. Amazing? That’s the word we like, but see for yourself. Let’s set up a time to talk about your project. We’ll help you get more out of the home you’re in


Radio Spot (Spirit Services) 

Who’s got time for frostbite? Not you. You’re a busy guy and / or gal who can’t afford to lose body parts to nippy weather. That’s why you buy winter apparel from Spirit Services. You like it branded with your company logo too, don’t you? And you can’t imagine life without our clever promotional products. It’s clear, friend: you’ve got the Spirit. So visit often, and like us on Facebook for your chance to win a swell Spirit prize pack. (Jingle Sing)

Good Humor

"Good use of humor to engage the customer, while adding in fun facts about the business. (Listen here.) Callers would likely be entertained for the duration of their hold time. Good job." 

2019 MARCE Awards Judge


Humor on Hold (Walter’s Goodyear)

Here at Walter’s Goodyear we carry quality tires from Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Firestone, Cooper, Goodyear and other brands you know and trust. We hear tell that other tire dealers in town only sell large chocolate donuts and try to pass them off as tires. So don’t be fooled. Always bite your tires before buying them. If they’re delicious, they’re not real tires. A helpful tip from your pals at Walter’s Goodyear.

Training Podcast (QuickSkills)

Your company’s leaders know how important you are to creating a great customer experience. They can use marketing and advertising to attract customers, but it’s your great treatment of customers - from the very first encounter - that keeps those customers coming back. So…

• Look customers in the eyes.
• Give them a firm handshake when they walk in and before they leave.
• Call them by name.
• Listen closely to what they say.
• Say “hello” and “please” and “thank you” and “come again” and “we appreciate you” and mean it.

You have a chance to stand out every time a customer walks through your door. You can be a service rock star! You can make a real difference to people - every day.
Feelin the Funny

“These ads were funny! Loved the music and voices. They were perfectly paired with each ad concept. Great work.”

"Humor was funny and well crafted. Overall, well done.” 

“Very creative copy. Humorous with a healthy balance of product info, well-placed sound effects and music. Great job.”

The 2018 MARCE Awards Judges


Marketing Blog Post (MadAveGroup)

Probably 20 years ago, I was at our town’s art museum watching a friend play music in one of the galleries. About half way through the set, my friend’s four-year-old son emerged from the crowd and walked up to him on the improvised stage.
What happened next has stuck with me all the years since.
My friend - interrupted during his job, in front of an audience - stopped what he was doing and gave his full, genuine attention to his young son.
No anger. No frustration or embarrassment. No hurriedly rushing the little boy back to his seat. Just pure love on display.
Contrast that warm memory with what we saw from Professor Robert Kelly and his wife after their children innocently walked in on their father’s live BBC interview in March of 2017.
The embarrassment. The apologies. His attempts to blindly push away his daughter. The mother’s frantic floor crawling.
Sure, an episode like that might throw anyone off his game a bit, especially if being interviewed on live TV. But because of the way both parents reacted, they kinda’ came off as jerks. And, purely from a marketing standpoint, how may that have affected Kelly’s personal brand and likability?
Goofy, unpredictable stuff like that happens now and then. About the only way you can prepare for it is by reminding yourself to be a human being, to roll with it, and to always look for the humor in unexpected situations. You should have heard the heartfelt “awwww” coming from the crowd when my friend reacted the way he did to his little boy.
For both you personally and your company, letting your human side show and embracing life’s wackier moments is likely only to endear you to your audience.
Client Love
"I keep thinking the productions can't get better, but this one topped them all. (Listen here.) I think it's just phenomenal. It's truly been enjoyable working with you." 
Chris Hamann / Lakeland Auto and Marine 
"I love to read good copy. There's so much bad copy out there in our industry. This On Hold Marketing copy is excellent. And there's such a great variety of messages. Thank you!" 
Steve Davis / Grand Home Furnishings