In this voiceover for an on-boarding video, Scott welcomes the new employees of St. Louis-based Goley Insulation.

Notice that he doesn't yell at any point or threaten the new team members with physical abuse. He saves those tactics for the next video in the series, "You're in Trouble Now: The Goley Approach to Employee Discipline." 


Nothing beats winning a pair of international awards, with the exception of a nice bowl of potato salad and two international awards stuck in it as garnishes. 

The Humor On Hold that Scott wrote and voiced through BusinessVoice for International Translating Company (top video) earned a 2019 Gold Communicator Award. His work for Lakeland Auto & Marine (bottom video) scored a Silver Communicator. 

While you're listening, try to imagine the taste of that 'tater salad. It's good, isn't it? 



Most people would rather be shot out of a cannon than placed on hold. That's why Scott and the BusinessVoice team employ Humor On Hold. It provides all the thrills of being fired from large-caliber artillery without the bothersome concussion and powder burns. This production was created for the swell folks at Binkelman. 

UPDATE: This work won a 2019 Gold MarCom Creative Award.


Steve Eaton is the CEO of BusinessVoice client Med-Line Express Services. When he received the copy that Scott wrote for Med-Line's first On Hold Marketing production, Steve replied, "It’s wonderful. I can’t wait to hear it recorded." 

And when he heard the finished recording, Steve wrote, "Haha. That’s amazing! I love it." 

Scott is thinking of asking Steve to adopt him.

There's gunfire a-plenty in this On Hold Marketing production for Binkelman produced through BusinessVoice, so try not to get shot while listening. Scott and Amy laid down the voiceover. Scott wrote the copy. And with only a few weeks of coaching, the guns fired themselves on cue. 

This five-spot radio campaign for BusinessVoice client Toft's Ice Cream features voiceover from Amy, Scott and our pal Ed Hunter. Scott wrote the copy while dressed as a giant two-scoop waffle cone. And don't ever let anyone tell ya' that's an easy costume to find in an adult size. 


Q: What is radio advertising missing these days?

A: The sound of someone catching on fire! 

This humorous spot for Spirit Services takes care of that problem right out of the gate, so listeners aren't left to wonder, "Will I finally get to hear the noise of a guy all aflame?" 

Amy wrote and sang all three parts in the jingles. Scott wrote the copy and provided the voiceover via the agency BusinessVoice

Listen - in horror, if you must - and then book your session with Amy and/or Scott today. 

Looking for a gig? The future is in makin' steel, my friend. And also in crafting delicate pastries. Oh, and in finding a way to make pandas mate. Those three careers represent the future of the American economy. Start with the steel thing, though. Listen to the radio spot that Scott wrote and recorded through MadAveGroup to recruit workers at North Star BlueScope Steel in Delta, Ohio. Just don't touch the molten steel at any point during the commercial. It's a little warm. 

Feel like stickin' your head under a truck tire or feeding yourself to a feverish shark? Before you press "go" on that plan, take a listen to this Humor On Hold that Scott wrote for Binkelman through BusinessVoice. It'll make you feel like everything is right with the world, or at least render you motionless with laughter paralysis, which - as a reminder - always makes you vomit a little bit once you snap out of it, so aim for the tile. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover.

UPDATE: This work won a 2019 Platinum MarCom Creative Award. And here are a few comments on the piece from the 2019 MARCE Award judges.

"The announcers do a good job of being light-hearted, portraying Binkelman as a fun company to do business with." 

"This is an excellent production. Funnier than all others I reviewed."

"Callers obviously listen to the messages to hear the punchline of each joke, engaging them during hold time."

Amy's friendly, relaxed read on this radio spot for an area hospital is just the medicine you need - unless, of course, you've been hit by a bus. In that case, you may require a more aggressive treatment plan.