At the 2021 ADDY Awards presented by AAF Toledo, the humorous video "Creative Inspiration" won a Gold ADDY and a coveted Judge's Choice Award. Shortly after the ceremony, the winning video ran into a burning building to rescue four infants and a really nice pair of leather pants. So, yeah, it's pretty special for a lot of reasons.

Scott wrote the script, provided the voiceover and walked about aimlessly on camera. Sam Baldwin served as videographer and editor. The project was produced by MadAveGroupIn the video below, ADDY Judge Jennifer Hohn describes why she chose to acknowledge the work, while giving us a peak at how she likes to store her books. The winning video follows Jennifer's comments. 

The BusinessVoice Humor On Hold production called "Hold It!" earned a bronze ADDY Award. Listen to the odd game show high-jinx two videos below. 



When the folks at Binkelman needed capabilities videos, they wanted them to have the same feel as the Humor On Hold that Scott creates for them via BusinessVoice. He was happy to oblige. Scott wrote the copy while fast asleep, provided the voiceover while partially underwater, and was accidentally strapped to the drone as it flew over Binkelman HQ. 



This Humor On Hold production for BusinessVoice client Binkelman has been blamed for everything from black lung to the global waffle shortage to that funny smell in truck stop restrooms. When listening, though, try not to think of all the damage it's caused. It'll just make you angry. 


You're invited to take a ride on the Binkelman Bus Tour. Just hit the play button on the video below. Then, hang on tight. Oh, and keep your comments to yourself. And maintain control of your wig and handbag at all times. And no spitting. 

We'd like to toss out a big bag-load of thanks to Spencer and Alex from Your Media People and Michael Seay from MadAveGroup. During their October 2020 podcast conversation, they touched on Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice and Scott's role in developing the marketing service. Watch the segment below. Then, feel free to share it with loved ones in lieu of holiday gifts. 

You'll find many chunks of Humor On Hold throughout our Voiceover Samples Blog


After emerging from what must have been a seriously debilitating stupor, the alcoholics at the MarCom Awards have honored three MadAveGroup and BusinessVoice projects with big, shiny awards - the heavy, pointy kind that come in handy when you're outnumbered in a back alley melee. 

The Humor On Hold production for Lakeland Auto and Marine called "Hold It!" earned a Platinum MarCom Award, as did the video titled "Creative Inspiration." It was produced for the 2020 ADDY Awards ceremony. Both trophies could do some serious damage if swung at skull level. "Jack," a Humor On Hold production created for Binkelman, received an Honorable Mention certificate, which - let's face it - could only inflict a decent paper cut at best. 

Scott wrote the copy and provided voiceover for all three pieces. Amy added voiceover to the On Hold Marketing winners. In-studio first aid was administered by Lou's House of Gauze, now with three locations on the bad side of town. 


This video is not the sort of content you should share with your kids. Or your pets. Or your neighbor's pets. Don't bother playing it for your boss or your banker or your mother-in-law. You won't do your travel agent any favors by showing it to her either. And if you make your preacher watch it, chances are good he'll swing a big curled-up fist in your direction.

But YOU are gonna' love it. Trust us. We have a sense about these sorts of things. 

Do us a favor - keep track of how many times you listen to this Humor On Hold production that Scott wrote and voiced for BusinessVoice client Lakeland Auto and Marine. We'll jot down your number in a little notebook that we keep under the house. What happens to that information after that will be anybody's guess. 


We hope you enjoy this Humor On Hold production for BusinessVoice client Med-Line Express Services. May it go down smoothly with no unpleasant aftertaste or even the threat of constipation. 

Scott chiseled the copy into the side of a slowly moving boxcar. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover with no regard for their own safety. 

We think it's a shame you have to be subjected to the audio below. A dirty, rotten shame, that's what it is.

You should NOT have to put up with it. In fact, we wouldn't blame you if you sat down and wrote your Congressman or an area sheriff's deputy or your local grocer to see if you can be excused from listening to it. That's what we'd do if we were you.

I mean, the NERVE of some people - suggesting you take time away from your random Internet browsing to listen to this trash! We can see why you'd be hotter than a dead cat in an Arizona parking lot about the whole thing. 

Of course, by the time you find a pen and a piece of paper and write your complaint letter and fold it real nice and stick it in an envelope and hunt down a stamp you could have already listened to the thing and it would be over and done with, and then you could move on with your life. 

So, look, why don't you do that? Just listen to it. And, afterwards, if you decide you want to hire Amy and Scott for a voiceover project, then great - you can drop them an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give them a call at (419)724-7330.

But that doesn't mean you have to like any part of this process! Not one part of it!

So at least there's that.