"Your on hold messaging is the best! Very funny and really well done." - Tom Pearson

Tom is a Lakeland Auto and Marine customer who sent that unsolicited review of the BusinessVoice production below to company president Chris Hamann. Then, Chris emailed it to us. We emailed Chris to thank him, and then he emailed us again, writing, "I wish I had more time to forward to you all the great feedback we get." Scott replied to that email, suggesting that Chris "MAKE time." And we haven't heard from Chris since. 

We're sure he's fine.


If you've ever eaten a musty burrito and then spent the next 48 hours mired in the near-death experience known as food poisoning, you'll recognize the sensation that washes over you while listening to this Humor On Hold production Scott wrote for BusinessVoice client Binkelman. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover.

If you need to clean up a wide-ranging splattering of sick on your floor, we recommend Red Skelton brand Mops - the movie star of mops!


Who knows what any of this nonsense is about? I mean, seriously.

If you can offer a reasonable suggestion, we'll give you a free banana! If you get a better offer than that, take it. 

Recent government-sanctioned polling shows what travelers look for in a hotel. Along with tiny soaps, a professionally sanitized toilet and sheets free from the caked-on bodily fluids of previous guests, Americans want their hotels to deliver a dynamite caller experience.

The folks at Town and Country Resort in San Diego already knew that, so they've been using Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice since 2018. "We have people call us back and ask to be put on hold because they want to hear it with their friends. We love the humorous approach," said Susan Penman, Town and Country's Director of Sales. 

Get a load of this production that Scott wrote and voiced for them. 

On May 20, 2021, the Wall Street Journal published an online article called “How Companies Make Sure You Don’t Hang Up When You’re on Hold.” It includes comments from BusinessVoice founder Jerry Brown, as well as a mention of Humor On Hold, the approach Scott first started applying in the mid-1990s.

The article features sample copy Scott wrote for the Binkelman production below. Read excerpts from the article here.

Communicator Awards of Excellence are funny. They're easy to love, yet so hard to get close to. You want them, but they don't need you. And despite their indifference, it feels so good to hold them close.

You can't really begin to understand the Communicator Awards until you've taken at least 7 or 8 home with you. We have 16 from our work with MadAveGroup. So, we're getting to know these elegant, gold ladies pretty well. 

We're enjoying quality time with our latest pair thanks to these Humor On Hold productions for Binkelman and Lakeland Auto and Marine. 


Scott wrote the copy and provided the voiceover for these two videos produced by George Tanber. The videos will play in store, on franchisee websites and as part of the sweetest recurring dreams Tuffy customers will ever know.

Scott was paid for his work with a stack of expired Tuffy credit cards and a socially distant hug. 


The third and fourth corporate videos in Binkelman's cleverly titled series "Four Corporate Videos" are not only slowing the pace at which ocean water washes up on the shore, they're changing the saltwater at the molecular level. Startled researchers have revealed that the waves are now "5 to 9% dumber after being exposed to the videos."

Scott Greggory, who wrote the copy and provided the voiceover for the MadAveGroup-produced videos, did not respond to reporters' questions, claiming, "I do not now nor have I ever spoken English" in perfect English.  

Did you ever wear the same pair of socks for a week or more?

Maybe then you turned 'em inside out to get another 5 or 6 days of use out of them. 

That's what "Creative Inspiration" is starting to feel like. 

After winning a Gold and a Judge's Choice Award at the 2021 Toledo ADDYs, the MadAveGroup video won another Gold and another Judge's Choice Award at the District 5 ADDY Awards.

One pair of socks. Lots of wears. One video. Lots of awards. See what we did there? 

Only the best work from local ADDY shows in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia competes at the District 5 competition. Winners at that level then move onto the national ADDY Awards. 

Scott wrote the copy, served as voiceover and on-camera talent, and dusted the picture frames in between takes.


Ya' know that intense, shooting pain, confusion and loss of balance you experience after hitting your head on a boulder or a national monument? Those are the feelings that await you after you listen to this Humor On Hold production created for BusinessVoice client Binkelman. So, grab an industrial-strength pain killer or two before pressing play. 

Amy and Scott provided the voiceover. Scott wrote the copy. Amy extinguished a small grease fire during post-production.