These ridiculous, little TV commercials that aired in the weeks before Christmas 2021 have captured the world's attention!

Actually, that's not even close to true, but the campaign did win a 2022 Silver Telly Award

Each year, the Telly Awards honor the best work created for television and other video channels. Judges review more than 12,000 entries from all 50 states and five continents, including the misunderstood undersea world of Wetlandia.  

Produced for MadAveGroup, the spots drove viewers to the website, where they could read about the cast, download a screensaver and discuss their wreath-related troubles with a licensed counselor. 

Scott directed the campaign and co-wrote the spots with Michael Seay, who, ironically, is deathly afraid of wreaths. 

No one slapped anyone at this year's Communicator Awards ceremony, primarily because there was no ceremony held. If there had been, though, it's likely that dozens of people would've been attacked, since the presentation of marketing awards tends to bring out the most violent tendencies in an audience. 

This Humor On Hold produced for BusinessVoice client Lakeland Auto and Marine won a Gold Award. Scott wrote it, and both Amy and Scott provided the voiceover. Before being released, the audio was sucker punched repeatedly to ensure it could withstand the naked aggression of the busy awards show season. 


If you're a typical American, you've fallen into your share of pits. So, you're sure to relate to this Humor On Hold production for Binkelman. Scott wrote the copy on the steep, rocky walls of a deep, inescapable shaft. Amy and Scott delivered the voiceover not knowing if or when the ground would give out beneath them, sending them cascading into the dark abyss of Mother Earth's bowels. 

When writing copy and delivering voiceover for a client, Scott tries to imagine himself in the audience's flip-flops. That's why this Humor On Hold production for Town and Country Resort in San Diego feels likes it's covered in sunscreen and sand fleas. Try to get through it anyway. 


Do you enjoy a good buffet? A well-stocked jukebox? A pegboard full of screwdrivers? 

Sounds like you appreciate variety, friend. So, sure as shootin' you'll get a kick out of this Humor On Hold sampler. It features work for several BusinessVoice clients, produced from April 2021 through March 2022. Scott wrote all the copy using a wide array of implements, from pencils, crayons and chunks of charcoal to a paint roller, a tube of Brylcreem and a pyrography pen from a 45-year-old wood burining kit. Amy and Scott provided all the main voiceover using only their voices. 


Lakeland president Chris Hamman referred to one portion of this production as "pure comedy gold." We can only assume he hates the rest of it.

You probably don't know Chris personally, but based on what you can glean about him from the two sentences above, which part of the audio do you think he liked best? Send us your answer on any size index card or the back of a soup can label or a stray piece of concrete that fell from the underside of a decaying bridge. 


Moments before Scott wrote this Humor On Hold copy for longtime BusinessVoice client Binkelman he was smelting a small batch of pig iron. That process always puts him in a jovial mood. There's just something about initiating the physicochemical reaction of ore in a specific atmosphere that gets his creative juices flowing. So, you're sure to notice a light-hearted air in his words and presentation. Or maybe not. 


When your toilet's jammed up, you shouldn't have to hold in silence after calling your plumber. That's why people challenged by plumbing trouble are raving about the Humor On Hold they hear when calling Downey PHCE in Bowling Green, Ohio. 

"No, it's not silence, that's for sure," said one caller. 

"Yeah, I heard it," gushed another. 

"What's this about? I don't have time for questions," snapped a third caller. 

Scott co-wrote the copy with BusinessVoice Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans. Amy and Scott delivered the main voiceover through two lengths of three-foot PVC pipe connected by a 45-degree elbow. 


Ever wonder what three Silver Medal Award winners talk about when they get together virtually? 

Yeah, neither does anyone else, but AAF Toledo recorded the conversation anyway.

Scott joins Mark Reiter from Level 2 Audio and Bill Sattler of Madhouse for a no-holds-barred rant-fest about our nation's feral cat problem, sideburns, homemade electricity, the funny smell that old people give off and the current state of noodles.   


Amy sprays her friendly energy all over this radio spot for Bowling Green State University's Preview Day. The commercial was produced by all-around good guy Mark Reiter at Level 2 Audio. The feel of the spot is so positive that it just may allow you to repress your uncomfortable memories of dorm food.