In 2014, Scott produced and directed a pro bono video through MadAveGroup for Toledo's Old Newsboys, a volunteer orgnaization that raises money to buy shoes and coats for the area's less fortunate kids. According to Newsboys represntative Pam Hays, that video "has been very well received around the community." 

When the Newsboys needed a 30-second version of the video to run at a Toledo Walleye game in January 2019, Scott wrote the new copy and cut the new voiceover that was added to several shots from the original video.

After watching the video below, Pam replied, "Very nice! Awesome voice! I am a 'voice' person and I love this!"   

In a follow-up letter, she wrote, "Your voiceover was excellent and added a lot of power to a short piece!"

Could your automotive service center / tire store staff use some learnin' on the matter of customer experience? Then you're gonna wanna get your hands on the entire QuickSkills Training program sooner than later, friend.

Through the agency MadAveGroup, Scott created all the content, provided the voiceover, and got all dolled up in make-up and hairspray to serve as the on-camera talent. Check out the video and audio samples below, but try not to let them burn too deeply into your brain.


We're not mind readers, but when we won a 2018 Platinum MarCom Award for this Lakeland Auto and Marine Humor On Hold and an Honorable Mention for our work for Binkelman, we imagined what the judges might have been thinking while they were listening to the work. We narrowed it down to a couple of options: 1) “Did I remember to wash myself this morning?” and 2) “I wish my ears would fall off of my head?”

Let us know what you were pondering while listening. Communicate your thoughts to us via a series of intuitive grease stains splattered on vintage linen post cards.

If you can't understand Balinese, Mandarin or Upper Sorbian, the skilled translators at ITC in Salt Lake City, Utah can help. If you can't understand why their marketing team would sign off on this Humor On Hold that Scott wrote and voiced, well, you're not alone. Let's just try to get through this thing together, shall we? 

Whenever someone attempts to make light of the early-20th-century murder of President William McKinley, certain people still shout, "Too soon!" If you're one of those people, you may not want to listen to the Humor On Hold in the video below. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover, and Scott wrote the copy without the least morsel of shame. 

UPDATE: Here are a few comments on this work from the 2019 MARCE Award judges.

"Good use of humor. The jokes keep the caller's attention and make the company appear as a fun place with fun employees."

"I love everything about this production. I love how you integrate the product spots with humor. Very funny. One of my favorites. I would want to be put back on hold if I were in the middle of listening to this." 

Our pals at Town and Country Hotel in sunny, surfy San Diego dig that mid-century modern vibe, and they enjoy a bit o' kooky fun, too. So, when they wanted On Hold Marketing that reflected their hotel's personality, they called on BusinessVoice, North America's Humor On Hold™ headquarters. Scott wrote the copy, and both Amy and Scott delivered the voiceover. This content will make you want to check in and start using the tiny soaps right away.

"Hehe! This is hilarious! Great work - again!"

That's what Lakeland Auto and Marine President Chris Hamann wrote about the copy that Scott created for the On Hold Marketing production below. We did not encourage that response from Chris by holding a 10-inch camp knife to his neck - though we are not above that sort of tactic. Rather, his compliments oozed from him as naturally as any bodily fluid might - given a wide enough opening, of course. We hope you enjoy this Humor On Hold as much as our client did. 

UPDATE: Here are a few comments on this work from the 2019 MARCE Award judges.

"Good use of humor to engage the customer while adding fun facts about the business. Callers would likely be entertained for the duration of their hold time. Good job." 

"Great casual male voice. Very conversational and entertaining. Love the humor."


Our three favorite things are 1) good bread, 2) more good bread and 3) winning stuff. So, naturally we celebrated with a lovely challah, a sourdough and a few baguettes upon learning that our work had earned a pair of Communicator Awards recently. The goofy radio campaign for Ray's Trash in Indianapolis won a shiny Gold Award, while the TV / online video campaign for Revere snagged an equally shiny Award of Distinction. Scott wrote all the copy and served as the voiceover and on-screen spokespatriot. Amy provided the tags for each set of spots.  


Doggies and kitties are swell, but, frankly, they really stink up the joint when it comes to voiceover. That's why the folks at Your Media People asked Amy to cut the VO track for this Sylvania Vet website welcome video. Take a look, but don't get too close to your screen. All the featured animals are rabid. 

The Summer of Binkelman comes but once, so don't miss this opportunity to dive head first into its humorous humidity. Scott wrote the copy and provided the voiceover in a way that's sure to encourage excessive perspiration.

UPDATE: Here are a few comments on this work from the 2019 MARCE Award judges.

"This is one of the best examples of how you can engage callers needing serious products - with fun-filled zingers. Good job on the script and the production."

"Excellent and funny."