Doggies and kitties are swell, but, frankly, they really stink up the joint when it comes to voiceover. That's why the folks at Your Media People asked Amy to cut the VO track for this Sylvania Vet website welcome video. Take a look, but don't get too close to your screen. All the featured animals are rabid. 

The Summer of Binkelman comes but once, so don't miss this opportunity to dive head first into its humorous humidity. Scott wrote the copy and provided the voiceover in a way that's sure to encourage excessive perspiration.

UPDATE: Here are a few comments on this work from the 2019 MARCE Award judges.

"This is one of the best examples of how you can engage callers needing serious products - with fun-filled zingers. Good job on the script and the production."

"Excellent and funny."

Caution: Weird clown ahead. So, take a deep breath and keep telling yourself he won't permanently soil your dreams.

Written and directed by Scott, this video was produced by a swell team at MadAveGroup to show the importance of a great customer experience. It won a 2018 Telly Award in the category of Branded Content / General - Promotional.


If so, you're gonna' love this quick voiceover about a packaging system that prevents food tampering. And go ahead and share it with any of your friends or neighbors who also wig out when strangers feel up their snacks.

Sure, that's a big claim - that a goofy On Hold Marketing production could "change your life." But weirder stuff has happened, like the time you and that guy had that thing go down in the middle of that place with all that junk. So, ya' know, never say never. Oh, and never say "grenade" in the middle of an airport. We learned that lesson the hard way.


Take a break from your stressful climb to the top and spend some of the relatively little time you have left on Earth with this On Hold Marketing. The humor is sure to temporarily ease the bitterness in your heart and dilute the acidic taste of bile that splashes into your mouth all the livelong day. Glad we could help.  

In the next few minutes, you could eat something sharp that pierces the roof of your mouth and pokes your brain in that unsettling way sharp food does.  

You might accidentally read half a pamphlet about botulism before remembering that pamphlets make you nauseous. 

Or a prominent local weatherman might cross your path just as you're learning to throw a carpenter's axe.

But while you're watching the videos below, we'll guarantee that none of that stuff will happen. 

So, enjoy our Silver ADDY Award-winning humor in the top video and our Bronze ADDY-Award winning work in the bottom video, or take your chances. Good luck. 


Oh, sure, when your On Hold Marketing is crammed with as much mid-quality humor as this production is, it can be tougher than a cheap steak to pick out a favorite hunk. But that didn't deter Dixie Restoration Depot president Matt Hartzog. “I’m especially fond of the trucker hat bit," he said. "It weaves humor and product information together in a way that I’d like to explore further in the future.”

And what a future it'll be! Although, we'll probably all be living underground. 

Hit the magic "go" button on the video below and listen to Amy and Scott do their voiceover thing all over Scott's copy.  

Scott channeled the voice and somewhat grumpy personality of patriot Paul Revere for these five radio spots. Amy provided the tag and got the horse to react right on cue. Scott also wrote the spots using a digital quill and inkwell, often referred to as a "computer." 

Nothing communicates the warm smells of the season quite like wacky On Hold Marketing. So, gather the family 'round your digital device, hoist your mugs of 120-proof egg nog, and let this mildly disturbing audio wash over you like an unavoidable avalanche of discomfort and confusion. Good luck.