When a client writes to tell us, "I'm impressed by how creative you are," and refers to our writing and voiceover as "amazing" and "absolutely great," one of two things is about to happen: 1) the client will soon be arrested for sniffing glue, or 2) we're about to spend the next few days floating along on a fluffy, white, congratulatory cloud of reassurance. 

We've not seen the name "Chris Hamann" in the local police blotter yet, so it looks like we get to enjoy thing #2. Chris is the President of Lakeland Auto and Marine in Port Clinton, Ohio, and he did, in fact, share those swell compliments with Scott after listening to the Humor On Hold audio below. Scott wrote the copy and provided the main voiceover. Amy pops in at the :33 mark to say hello. Don't be frightened by the robots. 

We were happier than a slice of pie to earn several 2017 MarCom Creative Awards: a Platinum award for the Ray's Trash radio campaign, a Gold award for International Translating Company's On Hold Marketing, and another Gold for this one - the Humor On Hold for SystemSeven in Austin, Texas. Amy and Scott are the voices. Scott wrote most of the copy. He also earned an Honorable Mention in the Pro Bono category for his work on the Adrian Music Boosters' website. We challenge you to give all the work a look and a listen without becoming emotionally attached. 

Scott wrote the copy for and starred in a 10-spot campaign for Revere. He continues to wear the character's scarf to this day, wrongfully believing it lends an air of "old-school flamboyance" to his normally bland wardrobe. Amy's voiceover is featured on the tags. Show a little patriotism for once and take a look at these compilation videos.

Hold onto your cones! Amy and Scott are about to discover a new ice cream flavor, and the excitement may prove too much to bear. Scott wrote the copy. Amy provided the disbelief. 

A few years ago, Scott appeared as the CEO in a six-spot TV campaign for Buckeye Telesystem's Epiphany product. No animals were harmed during the shoot. Scott, however, was gored with the business end of a screwdriver by a disgruntled key grip. The three least offensive spots are below. 

Salt Lake City-based ITC enjoys Scott's humorous take on their business. In order to put himself in the client's shoes, Scott writes the copy in Canadian, translates it himself into Australian, and then provides the voiceover in a language approximating English. "It's really worth the extra effort," he says, despite what audiences think. Listen to the results. 

After you hear this radio spot about quitting your job to become a roofer, you'll want to quit your job to become a roofer, which is great because, again, this spot is all about quitting your job and, ya' know, the whole roofer thing. Scott cut the voiceover with Mark Reiter at Level 2 Audio and then considered quitting the copywriting and voiceover biz to become a roofer. The agency: Madhouse, which, coincidentally, has a roof. 


Amy sang all three parts of the jingle. Scott provided the copy and voiceover. You just need to pour youself a beverage, light up a big, fat carnival cigar, put your feet on the horizontal backs of your domestic help, give the ol' video play knob a tug, and listen to this finely crafted, American-made On Hold Marketing produced through BusinessVoice. (Please take care not to inhale any of the audible fumes.)

Scott wrote, shot, edited and provided the voiceover for this online commercial. The trumpet was played by comic actor Larry Storch.