The Caller Experience Marketing agency BusinessVoice has a very happy client in Steve Eaton. He's the CEO of Med-Line, a pharmaceutical delivery service based in Pompano Beach, Florida. Scott writes Med-Line's Humor On Hold content, and he and Amy serve as the voices. Listen to a sample in the video below. 

Here are a few of Steve's thoughts from a recent email interview. 

Is there something that attracted you to BusinessVoice as an agency or, specifically, our style of humor?

Steve: I chose BusinessVoice after listening to the many sample recordings on YouTube. I was very impressed by not only the scripts, but how well they were presented by your voice talents. I think there is really only one clear option for anyone looking for On Hold Marketing, whether it be humor or otherwise, and that is BusinessVoice.

BusinessVoice: Have you received any feedback on the OHM from callers or staff members?

Steve: My customers love it. Most have stated they would like to hear more. The On Hold Marketing scripts [Scott] creates are not only funny, but also informative. They provide valuable information about specific aspects of my operation that some may not be aware of. In the 15+ years I’ve been in business, this is by far the best marketing [money] I have spent.