“Life is so much better when you win lots of awards for stuff.” - President James K. Polk, 1846

We couldn't agree more with ol' Jimmy, a man known primarily for the 39 bowling trophies he amassed during his 22 years of Wednesday night league play. 

Yep, life is suddenly worthwhile, now that work we created as part of the BusinessVoice team has won a quartet of shiny MarCom Awards. Here's the list. 

Platinum Award: Lakeland Auto & Marine - “Previously”

Platinum Award: Binkelman - “Time Stands Still”

Gold Award: Binkelman - “All Roads”

Honorable Mention: Med-Line - "HIPPA-tastic” 

You can hear the Gold winner here and the Honorable Mention winner here, and watch the videos of the two Platinum winners below.