Did you ever wear the same pair of socks for a week or more?

Maybe then you turned 'em inside out to get another 5 or 6 days of use out of them. 

That's what "Creative Inspiration" is starting to feel like. 

After winning a Gold and a Judge's Choice Award at the 2021 Toledo ADDYs, the MadAveGroup video won another Gold and another Judge's Choice Award at the District 5 ADDY Awards.

One pair of socks. Lots of wears. One video. Lots of awards. See what we did there? 

Only the best work from local ADDY shows in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia competes at the District 5 competition. Winners at that level then move onto the national ADDY Awards. 

Scott wrote the copy, served as voiceover and on-camera talent, and dusted the picture frames in between takes.