After emerging from what must have been a seriously debilitating stupor, the alcoholics at the MarCom Awards have honored three MadAveGroup and BusinessVoice projects with big, shiny awards - the heavy, pointy kind that come in handy when you're outnumbered in a back alley melee. 

The Humor On Hold production for Lakeland Auto and Marine called "Hold It!" earned a Platinum MarCom Award, as did the video titled "Creative Inspiration." It was produced for the 2020 ADDY Awards ceremony. Both trophies could do some serious damage if swung at skull level. "Jack," a Humor On Hold production created for Binkelman, received an Honorable Mention certificate, which - let's face it - could only inflict a decent paper cut at best. 

Scott wrote the copy and provided voiceover for all three pieces. Amy added voiceover to the On Hold Marketing winners. In-studio first aid was administered by Lou's House of Gauze, now with three locations on the bad side of town.