Upon hearing his new humorous On Hold Marketing production that Scott wrote, produced and voiced through BusinessVoice, Lakeland Auto and Marine President Chris Hamann called Scott to complain.  

“We get people who call all the time and WANT to be put on hold," Chris said. "Vendors and customers call us and just laugh. We actually changed our phone set-up to feature the On Hold Marketing. The feedback has been absolutely fantastic. I keep thinking [the productions] can’t get better, but this one topped them all. I think it’s just phenomenal. I really mean this - it’s truly been enjoyable working with you. I’m so thankful that you’re willing to do this kind of stuff for us. I appreciate what you do for us. Great job, Scott.” 

Ya' know, now that we read those comments again they don't seem much like complaining.

Hmmm. Not sure what we were thinkin'. 

UPDATE: This work won a 2019 Platinum MarCom Creative Award.