Feel like stickin' your head under a truck tire or feeding yourself to a feverish shark? Before you press "go" on that plan, take a listen to this Humor On Hold that Scott wrote for Binkelman through BusinessVoice. It'll make you feel like everything is right with the world, or at least render you motionless with laughter paralysis, which - as a reminder - always makes you vomit a little bit once you snap out of it, so aim for the tile. Amy and Scott provided the voiceover.

UPDATE: This work won a 2019 Platinum MarCom Creative Award. And here are a few comments on the piece from the 2019 MARCE Award judges.

"The announcers do a good job of being light-hearted, portraying Binkelman as a fun company to do business with." 

"This is an excellent production. Funnier than all others I reviewed."

"Callers obviously listen to the messages to hear the punchline of each joke, engaging them during hold time."