The problem with this whole life thing, of course, is that it can end at any time. No notice. No warning. One minute you're on the couch eating a donut and the next minute a crate of bowling balls slides out of the cargo hold of a passing jetliner, kablooeys through your roof and hits you square in the hat, leaving you no time to regret not listening to this BusinessVoice Humor On Hold production for Lakeland Auto and Marine. 

So, put down the maple log and listen to this audio now before it's too late. You'll thank us later. 

Scott wrote the copy, provided the voiceover and - while we can't say for certain - he may have unlocked the plane's cargo door earlier in this story, just to help you get your priorities straight. 

Chris Hamann, President of Lakeland, emailed these comments: "I love it! Where do you come up with this stuff? It's fantastic!" But he used the sarcasm font, so we're not sure what to think.