You may want to consider moving to Portland, Oregon. That's the home of D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling - a company that's now using Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice

When you relocate to The City of Roses, you can place local calls to D&F any time and enjoy the deep-down satisfaction that only comes from steeping your ear holes in this type of audio nonsense. 

Once D&F’s first Humor On Hold production was playing for a few days, Desiree - the Marketing Director - sent this note:

I got this awesome feedback from one of our call-takers. “Hey, Desiree. I wanted to let you know, I’ve had two different customers let me know how much they enjoyed the new On Hold Marketing. I actually clicked back into a call and heard one woman giggling. I thought she was talking to someone else, but she was laughing saying how cute and funny the on hold audio was and how I should hear it if I haven’t.”

Scott wrote the copy with his non-dominant hand. He and Amy provided the voiceover using their strong midwestern accents.