If you wagered that the Lakeland Auto and Marine Humor On Hold production called "What's This Sound" and the Binkelman production titled "Correction" would win a 2022 Platinum and Gold MarCom Award respectively, then you, friend, likely have the gift of clairvoyance and should probably run to your nearest state lottery retailer to put down a whole lot of money on the lucky numbers running through that magical head of yours. 

Scott wrote the copy for those dopey things and provided all the main voiceover. Amy chimed in a few times on the Lakeland piece. No animals were harmed during production, but three or four stunt guys were cut in half. They were older, though, so it's okay. 

The Downey PHCE Humor On Hold below also won a Gold MarCom Award and the Wellington Implement production earned an Honorable Mention. Scott co-wrote Downey with Cassandra Evans and Wellington with Daniel DiManna. The agency: BusinessVoice.