“Scott - We absolutely love the work you do for us, and, more importantly, so do our customers. We have even had customers ask to be put back on hold to finish hearing the message. Great job. ”

Jill Kegler
The Kellermeyer Company

“Amy Scott is one the best voiceover talents we work with at BusinessVoice. She moves from telephone On Hold Messaging and IVR copy to commercial copy with ease and an understanding of the final product. Whether Amy is reading for the manufacturing, healthcare, educational, or financial industries, her voiceover is delivered with both an appropriate read and technical soundness. In addition, Amy is timely with v/o delivery and a most congenial soul to work with.”

Troy Montgomery
Recording Engineer
BusinessVoice Inc.

“Scott - It was great to see a professional at work. It still amazes me when someone with talents such as yours makes it look so easy being in front of a camera or microphone.

Eric Eggly
PointSeven Studios

“Amy Scott is a pleasure to work with. She delivers an exceptionally smooth read, she possesses great voice quality, and I really appreciate the fact that we can get same-day service when a project’s under the gun.”

Dan Schroeder
Interactive Audio
Hanson, Inc.

“Hi Scott - Congratulations on Best of Show! I was in charge of the [American Advertising Federation 5th District] judging and I was there when we played your On Hold Messaging. Very creative. I remember the judges commenting that it was a great use of an underutilized medium. Funny (and effective) stuff. Goes to show that you don't need to go to the big city or a big agency to get great creative work. Good luck in the national competition.”

John McCafferty
McCafferty and Company Advertising

“When I get calls to cast voice talent, Scott and Amy always come to mind. Yes, they have the experience and professional attitude, and they even provide quick turnaround. But what I love is the excitement of the 'creative possibility' that exists when working with them. The opportunity to do something different, get another sound or another direction for the read is always in play with both of them. (I think Amy’s middle name should be ‘Versatility!’) Looking for a certain read? Great. Looking for that magic that happens when you get more than you thought you wanted? Call Scott and Amy.”

Mark Reiter
Level 2 Audio

“Scott Greggory is a major talent both behind the mic and behind the computer keyboard. As an announcer he has the range to be friendly, authoritative or funny, all with a great vocal tone. As a writer, he's one of the funniest guys I know. He can be absurdly silly or display dry wit. PLUS he has the rare skills to translate the matching style to his vocal delivery. Scott makes me laugh out loud. I love working with him.”

Stan Massey
Partner/Executive V.P.
R/P Marketing Public Relations

“I’ve been utilizing the voice talents of Scott Greggory and Amy Scott at WTOL-TV since 1999. They are two talented professionals who understand the nuances of selling and have the talent and versatility to rise to each and every challenge. We also produce our share of long-form video projects on topics such as corporate training, medical procedures, and plant operations. Scott’s rock steady delivery has been a constant that we’ve come to depend on. Whether I need hard sell or soft sell, dramatic or even comical read, Scott and Amy deliver the goods on cue and on time.”

Bill Stewart
Production Manager

“Scott...We are thrilled with your voiceover work on the Northview High hockey video! You did a wonderful job. Your range and sense of the moment really came through, especially during the heart-wrenching State Championship scenes at Nationwide Arena. I could not be more grateful.”

Jim Cooper
Cooper-Smith Advertising

“I’ve been listening to, and performing with, the creative mind of Scott Greggory for years now. You’ll hear his genius oozing from your speakers. It has been a real privilege to work with this true talent. My only question is - why hasn’t Letterman’s staff hired this guy already?”

Steve Lovvorn
Voiceover Talent
Dallas, Texas