Help yourself to an ear-load of Miscellaneous Audio. It’s government-approved, and thanks to modern, salt-based sound preservation technology it’s all just as fresh as the day is long. Check back often for new additions.

Click on any project title to hear the audio.

Marc’s (2:12) - Ever wonder why chimps don’t have heart attacks? The shoppers at Marc’s don’t ever since they heard our Point-Of-Purchase Message about bananas. Enjoy this short audio montage.

Walter's Goodyear (6:00) - Listening to this wacky On Hold Messaging is sure to be the highlight of your day, unless you have a bologna sandwich for lunch. In that case, it'll be a distant second. Amy and Scott are the voices, and Scott wrote the copy.

Kenan Advantage Group (6:11) - Admit it! You've always wanted to know more about transportation and logistics within the liquid bulk industry. Scott will be happy to fill you in with this video voiceover.

Fulton County Hospital (1:00) - Amy plays the new mom in this radio spot for FCH's Family Birthing Center. Scott cut the announcer tag...and the umbilical cord. (1:30) - Here are two spots for a home information website. Amy came up with the concept, Scott wrote the copy, and they voiced it together, all while inside a home! Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s still a little creepy.

Marco’s Pizza (:30) - Americans love their pizza, primarily because of Amy’s voiceover on this TV spot. Take a listen, but be prepared for a serious pepperoni jones to kick in.

The Hero Program (3:00) - Scott wrote and voiced the copy for this video. Jon Diener from Video Post and Mark Reiter at Level 2 Audio also pitched in.

Engel e-max (2:30) - The kids will enjoy Scott’s telling of this heart-warming tale about an all-electric injection molding machine and its exceptional repeatability in shot-to-shot consistency.

Buckeye Express (:30) - Amy drives home the “slow is not good” angle in this TV spot for BEX High-Speed Internet.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (:30) - Scott insists that you join Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna at the 2008 Spirit of Sports Dinner.

Nature’s Nursery (1:00) - Amy and Scott channeled small woodland animals to record this spot. Scott also wrote the copy.

Toledo Express Airport (:26) - Scott plays the tired traveler in the edited version of this radio spot.

40 Days of Purpose (1:30) - An award-winning 3-spot radio campaign. Copy written by Scott Greggory.


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