“The on hold messaging for Discount Parts Exchange has a great mix of humor and relevant information. The voice talent [Scott Greggory] is excellent and seems to be a great fit for their target audience.”

Mike Kurtz, Judge
On Hold Messaging Association's MARCE Awards

“Superbly written copy and extremely dry humor that was a perfect match for what could've been a dull subject. I laughed out loud at points, and when a caller starts with that reaction, it's a great way to start a conversation.”

Jim Hausfeld, Judge
On Hold Messaging Association's MARCE Awards

Walter’s Goodyear

Need a ride to work or back home after you drop off your vehicle for service? We’ll be glad to take you wherever you need to go…or you’re welcome to try one of the other options, like our flying carpet. (Actually it’s a throw rug stapled to a hang glider.) You can use our row boat, but she doesn’t work too well on pavement. Or you can take Gary. He’s a mule with a bad cough and a lazy eye, but he rides smooth as glass. Your choice.


There’s an old joke that suggests “if you want to lose 20 pounds of ugly fat, cut off your head.” But here at BusinessVoice we can’t condone that. Sure, lopping off your own noggin is a quick way to drop weight, but, without a head, driving can be very difficult. And playing cards and checkers - nearly impossible. If you still want to lose a few pounds, trim your fingernails really short and eat two fewer pies each week. You’ll be lighter in no time and you’ll still get to wear hats.

Amazing Space

At Amazing Space, we use a patented process called Space Amazination to amazinate your space. We combine amazing space-age technology with a keen sense of space and our own personal amazingness to produce a space in your home with an amazingosity that’s off the charts. Amazing? That’s the word we like, but see for yourself. Let’s set up a time to talk about your project. We’ll help you get more out of the home you’re in.

Discount Parts Exchange

Discount Parts Exchange is owned and operated by Ohioans. We employ Ohioans and contribute to Ohio’s economy. We also discovered Ohio. And we’re working on a plan to expand Ohio’s borders by invading Pennsylvania. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Random Thoughts

• Hmmm, I may need to cut back on the donuts. When I nicked myself shaving this morning I oozed a delicious raspberry jelly.
• I'm sure I don't need to tell you how painful it can be to have blisters on your whip hand.
• I don't think my house plants like me. How else do you explain their cold silence whenever I enter the room?
• Gee, if I only had a nickle for every time I wished for more small change...
• Man, I am gonna' look so cool in the afterlife! Last night I went down to the mall and had my soul pierced!
• Life is funny. One day you're on top of the world; the next day you're frozen solid.

Walter’s Goodyear

Here at Walter’s Goodyear we carry quality tires from Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Firestone, Cooper, Goodyear and other brands you know and trust. We hear tell that other tire dealers in town only sell large chocolate donuts and try to pass them off as tires. So don’t be fooled. Always bite your tires before buying them. If they’re delicious, they’re not real tires. A helpful tip from your pals at Walter’s Goodyear.


LobbyVision is the greatest thing since sliced bread – and there’s no annoying crust. LobbyVision is all the rage in 7/8ths of Europe. LobbyVision is the cure for an itchy trigger finger. LobbyVision bounces higher than most seriously ill cats. LobbyVision will change the way you think about your mother’s body. And LobbyVision is good for business, even when wet. Admit it: you’re intrigued by this tall, handsome stranger “LobbyVision.” Ask for more details or go to BusinessVoice.com.

Comcast SportsNet

Wanna’ see what the Patriots need to do to win their next game? You could build a time machine and send yourself ahead to this Sunday for first-hand insight, but I seriously doubt you’ve got enough plutonium for the flux capacitor! Instead, watch “New England Tailgate.” Each week, Glenn Ordway, Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie break it all down for you. No Delorean required. New England Tailgate, presented by Jack Daniels: Thursday nights at 7:30 on Comcast SportsNet.

NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA's Great American Road Trip continues. This month we're celebrating the holidays in Oregon, a state of tremendous natural beauty. There's so much to see in this “Pacific Wonderland,” from the majestic Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge in the northwest portion of the state…to the awe-inspiring Crater Lake in the south…to the Painted Hills and Hell's Canyon in the east. You can ski, hike, climb, fly fish, or go white-water rafting and, when the day is over, retreat to a mountain lodge to enjoy the local cuisine and a great wine. Or maybe you'd prefer to play in the 40 miles of sand at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Oregon's gorgeous coastline, wild rivers, waterfalls, and breathtaking mountains make it a nature lover's dream, and a very special stop along NAPA's Great American Road Trip. Plan your getaway online at www.TravelOregon.com.


If you could, wouldn't you choose to leave your grandchildren a clean, healthy Earth? At Geocycle, we believe we can pass on a safer, greener planet to future generations. Now, more than ever, humankind has the knowledge, the technology and the impetus to affect real change. Here at Geocycle, we work every day to put business and nature in balance. We provide pre-processing and co-processing services that help eliminate many types of non-recyclable waste by adding it to a useful material -­ Portland cement. Learn more about what we can do for you...and our Earth. Visit us online at www.geocycle.us.