Amy Scott

Born without clothes, Amy Scott still bathes in the buff to this day. "It's so much easier than wringing water out of my poncho," she claims. Amy attributes her infectious optimism to not being properly immunized as a child. Since the age of 7 she's been plagued by an allergy to cursive handwriting. And it was a 5th grade field trip to a wax museum that convinced her Abe Lincoln was nothing more than a very tall candle. These days her hobbies include poking fun at the Swedes and sampling goat cheese. And just try to pull her away from a Fess Parker film festival. In addition to being a fine voiceover artist, Amy is a singer, songwriter and actress - an all-around entertainer, despite never having mastered card tricks or the banjo. And even after being held captive by seven of them for more than a week, Amy bears no animosity toward monkeys.

Scott Greggory

Concieved in a Petri dish at the height of the cold war, Scott Greggory spent his early years underground in a government lab. He was released at age 3 and soon caught the eye of "Mr. Ed" director Arthur Lubin who cast the young boy as the talking horse's saddle blanket in 11 episodes. After being voted "Most Likely To Die Alone In A Parked Car" by his high school classmates, Scott tried to make a living starting small fires, but soon embarked on a career in radio, copywriting and voiceover. Since 1996 he's been the Creative Director at BusinessVoice, a Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency that provides On Hold Messaging, Point-Of-Purchase Audio, Website Design and Development, and many other services to clients nationwide. Despite the fact that Scott enjoys a high-carb diet, he's proud to say that he's maintained his college height of 6'1".